Meet Oliver

Finding solutions and getting results. That’s what drives our County Commission Chairman Oliver Gilbert.

Born and raised in Miami Gardens, the son of a local pastor and a public school teacher, Oliver proudly continues his family’s legacy of service to our community. A product of our local public schools, Oliver earned his degree in criminal justice at FAMU before putting himself through the University of Miami School of Law and serving as an Assistant State Attorney. 

In 2003, Miami Gardens was officially incorporated — and as our neighborhoods and small businesses continued to transform, Oliver saw that our community needed equally transformative solutions. So he ran for public office and got to work.

As Mayor of Miami Gardens, Oliver drew upon his law enforcement experience to implement groundbreaking community policing initiatives that prioritized hiring young people from within our own city to help keep our streets safe. This resulted in less violence, and more trust between law enforcement and the residents they serve.

Oliver isn’t afraid of setting big goals, and he doesn’t shy away from the hard work needed to achieve them. After he set a goal for Miami Gardens to be recognized as an “All American City” by the National Civic League, many thought it couldn’t be done. But within a few years, Oliver led Miami Gardens on an ambitious campaign to improve parks and green space, invest in local healthcare services, and make our roads safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Understanding that every strong community has vibrant small businesses, Oliver worked to recruit national retailers, empower small businesses, enable our entrepreneurs, and create jobs so that Miami Gardens residents could live, work, and play right here in Miami Gardens.

By 2020, Miami Gardens had earned the “All American City” distinction for the first time in its history. 

As our County Commission Chairman, Oliver is focused on a new goal: Make Miami-Dade County a truly world-class community. To get there, we have to overhaul our transportation system, which is why Oliver has led bold initiatives to build up density along our transit corridors, creating partnerships that will fund rapid transit expansion and lead to more affordable housing in the neighborhoods that need it the most. 

A world-class community also has to make smart investments when it comes to infrastructure and waste management. That’s why Oliver is focused on solutions, like the County’s massively successful ‘Connect 2 Protect’ septic tank replacement program, allocating $1 million in funding for septic to sewer in District 1, and working with Federal and State partners to fix aging pipes and sewers systems before the problems become far more expensive to solve. 

Most importantly, Oliver believes that a world-class county has to have leadership that works together towards a common goal. Regardless of what neighborhood you’re from, what language you speak, or what your political affiliation might be, we all want a better county for our children. As a proud father, Oliver knows how important this work really is to the future of our community. Our kids are depending on us to build something better than what we inherited.